Workroom(a few insights ...)

Optimization of Python object structures using Cython (17.5.2023)

If you are building your project using object-oriented design, which includes many individual classes, you have probably encountered a speed problem ...

Variable texture tiling and stretching (19.6.2019)

UV-Coordinates and wrapping are stored in texture object, which is a performance problem ...

svg image
Capturing SVG frames with advanced effects (13.12.2018)

In the older approach was some limitations, which are solved here ...

Creating animated SVG without animation software (22.12.2017)

Actually, at the start, you need some SVG editor. But no animation support needed. Recommend perfect Inkscape ...

svg image
How to export frames from animated SVG (1.11.2017)

I was surprised, that after few hours of searching i couldnt find any simple solution how to export frames from svg animation ...



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