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The tower defense game featuring:

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screenshot alien_td_v9_2screenshot alien_td_v9_1screenshot alien_td_v8_2screenshot alien_td_v8_1screenshot alien_td_v7_1screenshot alien_td_v6_3screenshot alien_td_v6_2screenshot alien_td_v6_1screenshot alien_td_v5_2screenshot alien_td_v5_1screenshot alien_td_v4_3screenshot alien_td_v4_2screenshot alien_td_v4_1screenshot alien_td_v3_2screenshot alien_td_v3_1

Technologies used for codebase: JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, three.js

Alien ship
Tower defense devlog #1 (12.9.2021)

New Alien invasion tower defense devlog video ...

Tower defense soldiers roadmap (13.8.2019)

The actual state of soldiers which will be in the tower defense game ...

Introducing some monsters (13.12.2018)

Take a look at some aliens ...

Alien invasion tower defense
New project announced! (21.7.2018)

We've been working for some time - and now can bring you quick preview. The codename is Alien invasion tower defense ...

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